Coaching: It’s more than the money

Kyle and laura with logo

Coach Laura and Kyle N

My personal fitness is what drew me to Olympic Lifting, CrossFit and Kettlebell Sport in the first place, but the people I met and trained with along the way are the reasons I stayed. They’ve taught me every day that being a coach isn’t about the money.  It’s about knocking down barriers and celebrating successes together.

Working with clients to maximize their goals and quality of life has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences. I have been working with Kyle for just over a year and coaching him in kettlebell sport since July 2014. Over the past few months his progress has been astounding. He has gone from barely handling double 16kg kettlebells to dominating his 10-minute test sets.

Watching his progress has taught me so much about what it means to push limits and step outside the comfort zone. He will be meeting a long time goal and competing in his first ever Kettlebell Sport competition in December. He will take on the dreaded 16kg biathlon event which entails two 10-minutes sets of WHAT, double kettlebell jerks and the single kettlebell snatches.The IKSFA/AKA Holiday Kettlebell Sport Championship in New Jersey is just the beginning for Kyle, and I am excited to be there as not only his coach but as his faithful cheerleader.

Helping clients like Kyle meet their goals is a major reason why I love coaching. Much of my personal success is due to and driven by the clients who push me as a coach and as an athlete everyday. I am constantly inspired by their determination and will power to improve. When they challenge their boundaries — both physically and mentally — it pushes me to do the same. Plus, the random gym dance parties and after workout team dinners are pretty fun too!

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy lifestyle; coaching, competing and training is one way I have manage to find mine. How will you find yours?

Lovin’ what Laura has to say about her healthy, happy lifestyle? Find her on Instagram and Twitter to tell her!


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