November News: Yoga Challenge

November Yoga Challenge

Photo Credit: BeachYogaGirl @ Instagram

Flexibility is an ongoing battle for me, but as a Kettlebell Sport, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit athlete, flexibility is also vital to good technique.

Yoga is a sport I’ve always wanted to try, but with so many activities in my day there just hasn’t been enough time. In an effort to introduce myself to yoga and as a fun challenge a few friends and myself will be undertaking a November Yoga Challenge. 

The best part? It’s only one move a day!

The catch? You have to try a new move each day.

Some will definitely be easier than others (check out number 30!), but, remember, it’s not about being perfect. Instead, it’s about trying something new, finding a way to challenge myself, push my limits, and have a little fun with my friends along the way.  After all where’s the fun in a constant boring workout routine? I say we spice it up every once in a while! It’ll keep you healthy, happy and energized to take on each workout.

Fitness and health involve constant work and dedication — it can be a daunting task to take on by yourself.

A workout buddy understands your pain though and holds you accountable. Those two reasons are exactly why my friends and I will be doing the Yoga Challenge throughout November together.

Not having a workout buddy close by isn’t an excuse. My best workout partners live miles away, but we still share our daily experiences with each other.

So, why not be my workout buddy this month? Let’s take on yoga together!

Want to join me in the November Yoga Challenge?  Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and tag me in your yoga progress photos!


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