5 Snacks to Keep You Energized All Day

When I’m running around going to class, work, meetings and training sessions I have to keep my body fueled and happy, but snacking healthy on the go can be a challenge.  Instead of aiming for cheap, unhealthy snacks, I’ve learned to aim for heathy and protein-packed snacks that are quick, easy, and always within reach in the kitchen.


One of my favorite smoothies in one of my favorite mugs: banana, spinach, and honey Greek yogurt.

1. Rice cakes any way
I always keep a bag in my cabinet because they’re so versatile, taste great alone or with toppings, and can satisfy any sweet or salty craving I may have.  I prefer them with cottage cheese and cucumber around lunchtime or peanut butter and banana slices for a guilt-free power snack before I hit the gym.

2. Smoothies — my kryptonite.
Packed full of flavor, vitamins, and fruits and veggies, smoothies are always a perfect option for a filling on-the-go breakfast. Before I run out of the door in the morning to get to class I throw together a quick, filling smoothie of pineapple juice, honey Greek yogurt, a banana, a few ice cubes, and a handful of spinach for some added greenie goodness. The great thing about smoothies is you can make it anyway you want so go ahead and personalize it to your taste! Share some of your creations with me on Instagram by tagging me in the post — I can’t wait to be inspired by you!

3. Cottage cheese and fruit for days
I for one LOVE cottage cheese with a bit of fruit on top it. I understand, however, that most people aren’t as huge fans of it as I am. Substitute a healthy yogurt though and you still have a perfectly easy snack. My favorite combinations are mandarine oranges or pineapple, but, honestly, when fruit is involved you really can’t go wrong.

soft boiled eggs

Great for breakfast or as a daytime snack, I love how quick and easy soft boiled eggs are.

4. Eggs — any way I can get ’em
You don’t need to eat two dozen eggs every day like Gaston to enjoy the low-calorie goodness. I try to keep some hardboiled eggs in my fridge at all times so I can grab them when I’m on the run. For a healthy twist on egg salad, I like eating mine with avocado. Just chop up the hard boiled egg with a fork and add slices of avocado. Ta-da! It’s a great fast snack that’ll keep you full and energized well into your gym date. If I have a little more time I really enjoy soft boiled eggs with a little salt and pepper..

5. Low-fat, high protein post-workout tuna and crackers
This can act as either a lunch or a snack depending on the size of the portion and you really can’t beat the portability of throwing a can of tuna in your backpack. I use tuna and crackers paired with some fresh fruit or veggies as a lunch option quite often, but it could also work as a recovery meal after a grueling lifting session.

Don’t see something that tickles your fancy? Check out this Pin on Pinterest and you’re sure to find something you like.


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