Fitness: A Family Business

Mom Bottom of Snatch with logo

My mom Elizabeth Brown practices her snatch at 95 lbs. Click the photo to visit her business page.

Girl power definitely runs in the family.

My mother owns her own CrossFit affiliate, Athletic Body and Mind, and holds national records in Olympic Weightlifting. My sister puts up big numbers in Olympic Lifting meets and beats me in workouts on a daily basis. Between these two women it’s not surprising that I am always being pushed to try harder by my family.

My sister Virginia and I have a wonderful role model to look up to and spending time in the gym together is a great way to bond. The mother-daughter-daughter business we have going on has become our way of life. We get to travel, compete, train, and coach together, and the best part is it has brought us even closer together than ever before. Sure, sometimes it can be difficult taking advice from your mother on how to correct the movements she thinks you’re doing wrong, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Part of the joy in the successes of my first muscle-up or hitting a new, bigger personal best in a lift is turning around and having my mother and sister to celebrate with afterwards.

The most recent experience was Kettlebell Sport Nationals in New York City in August 2014. My mom was there to witness and cheer me on toward meeting a personal goal of 176 reps in Biathlon with the 16kg kettlebell, a rank 1 and a first place finish in my 53kg weight class.  Having my mother cheer me on in the crowd as a spectator and as a fellow competitor was one of the best moments in my life.

Ginia flipping a tire

My sister Virgina (or Ginia) goes hard in the gym and flips a tire during training.

My younger sister is no wall flower either. She is coming into her own both in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Mom and I keep trying to get her to join the Kettlebell Sport madness with us but she hasn’t taken the bait yet. While we wait for her to jump on board we will continue to coach, train and compete together as a mother-daughter-daughter team.

We push each other in ways only a family member can. With each of us having our personal strengths and weaknesses we complement each other perfectly. Maybe one day we will be able to compete in a CrossFit team competition as a three person woman’s team. The world won’t know what hit them! I owe so much to these two ladies, and I am thankful that fitness has become a family business.

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