Three More Reasons to Start Swingin’ with Kettlebells


20 kg overhead squat

Kettlebell training has become very popular in the last few years. Whether for strength, cardio or fat loss people have started incorporating more and more kettlebell exercises into their workouts — and I don’t blame them one bit!

Here are three reasons kettlebell training is the missing piece in your workout:

1.High-intesity cardio and strength training, all in one. I have not experienced the intensity of kettlebell workouts in any other type of training. It’s one thing to run on a treadmill or to lift weights separately, but when cardio and strength training are combined, the results truly are dramatic. I gravitated toward the cardio and strength in one combination as a way to gain strength and endurance in all forms of my training. Kettlebell sport is very much an endurance sport. I need all the stamina I can get when I’m competing for max reps in a 10-minute period without being able to put down the 35-lbs kettlebell. However, at the same time there is a high level of strength required to be able to keep the heavy kettlebell moving for an extended period of time. The combination of cardio and strength training will add an intensity to your training that you’ve never experienced before.

2. Less time in the gym, beautiful results.
Because kettlebell workouts emphasize cardio and strength training, you can easily spend less time in the gym or get more out of your time. Today everyone is busy and being able to do a shorter workout but get more out of it is really appealing. I can get in and out of the gym within 30 minutes and have gotten an amazing workout. Less time in the gym means more time to spend on other important things in life. Adding kettlebells into your training will provide results you’ve not seen before without requiring much of a time commitment.

3. Burn, baby, burn.
The high metabolic effect from throwing the weight around, using strength training to increase a resting metabolism, and stimulating the human growth hormone during complex whole body movements ensure you burn unwanted fat like never before during a kettlebell workout.
How do I know it works? My coach Jessica Pumpa requires a lot of heart rate training in my workouts. This means I strap a heart rate sensor to my chest and monitor how high my heart rate goes throughout my session. The device also measures how many calories I burn during the training time. In one 30-minute session I burn around 500 calories! Feeling the burn has never felt so good! Laura’s Tip: If you want to give a heart rate sensor a try, I use the Polar H7 heart rate sensor and hook it up through bluetooth to my iPhone.

Most conventional gyms have kettlebells you can use to try out your own 30-minute bell buster workout. I guarantee you will notice a difference from everyday treadmill or dumbbell training. Now get out there and try something new and exciting!

Don’t forget to tell me how your kettlebell training is going on Twitter or Instagram!


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