November Yoga Wrap Up

PrintAs a beginner to yoga I was skeptical of how the November Yoga Challenge would go. I have never had any formal instruction in yoga and I’m not a particularly flexible person (at least I don’t think so), but it was only a month long commitment and I was interested to see what I could accomplish.

To make it more fun I involved a few of my friends in the challenge, as well as my sister. We were able to laugh at each other when we messed up and to support each other when things got really rough. The beginning of the month started out fairly smoothly but as the poses got more difficult I found myself becoming more and more intrigued. I wanted to learn more and more about yoga, the benefits, the progressions and the terminology. I began to YouTube the harder poses and I learned about the benefits yoga straps. The two poses that I had the most difficult with were December 17th  and 22nd. KinoYoga‘s YouTube channel has become one of my go to places to learn about different poses and her yoga videos helped me to work through some difficulties I had with poses throughout the month. My favorite poses of the month were the backbend day 13 and the headstand modification pose I did for day 20. 

Over the course of this challenge I went from being someone who admired yoga but didn’t know anything about yoga, to becoming someone who has grown to love yoga and is hungry for more. I hope to continue on this journey of health and wellness, using yoga as a tool to work on my flexibility. The best part of the challenge was accomplishing poses I never thought I would be able to do and seeing progress (even if it was small) through the entire month.

If you’re interested in yoga but don’t know how to go about starting I recommend doing a monthly challenge. Instagram is full of monthly challenges such as the Grow Soul Beautiful December ChallengeThis challenge or any of the others founds on Instagram are great for beginners to jump off the deep end and just try yoga. I know I’m glad I did the November Yoga Challenge and I look forward to trying others in the future.

Follow me on my continued yoga journey on Instagram or Twitter.


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