One Year Wiser, One Year Stronger

Laura 20kg holiday comp

20kg Long Cycle at the Holiday Kettlebell Sport Championship

I’d say 2014 has been pretty good to me…

I’ve competed more than ever before…
Competing in the AKA/IKSFA Holiday Kettlebell Sport Championship is starting to become a holiday season tradition. Last year this was my first kettlebell sport competition and the beginning of an amazing ride. A year later I have participated in six competitions, competed in both biathlon and long cycle events, jumped from the 12kg kettlebell to the 20kg kettlebell and competed internationally in Australia.

I’ve learned a lot, win or lose…
At the AKA/IKSFA Holiday Kettlebell Sport Championship I competed in the long cycle event with the 20kg kettlebell (44lbs!). Although the result of my set was less than what I had hoped for, I learned a lot and had a wonderful time. I had the privilege of competing next to my mother, Elizabeth Brown, on the platform. Unfortunately, she dropped the kettlebell before she had a chance to switch hands during her 10-minute set. I received quite a few no counts and had issues with stabilizing in lockout. It just goes to show even after months of preparation you never know what is going to happen during competition. Either way it was wonderful to see all of my fellow competitors and it was a personal success to compete with such a heavy kettlebell for the first time.

New Jersey Kyle and I

Kyle N and I with our first place medals!

I’ve had clients who have gone above and beyond…
Kyle N
. ,
who I mentioned in Coaching: It’s more than the money, competed for the first time at the Holiday Kettlebell Sport Championship. He competed with the 16kg kettlebell in the biathlon event and received 190 points a combination of 100 reps in jerk and 181 reps in the snatch event. It was a truly rewarding experience watching my first kettlebell sport client  succeed on the platform and have a blast doing it. These moments are what the sport is all about and what keeps me coming back again and again.

2014 made for a pretty awesome year. With a grad school graduation in May and several more kettlebell sport competitions lined up, I think 2015 will be even better.

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