CrossFit Kids: Because It’s Never Too Early for Fitness

kids on the rings

CrossFit Kids working on ring dips

Why CrossFit Kids? CrossFit Kids is meant to be FUN while getting kids excited about living an active lifestyle. At Athletic Body and Mind we have had a CrossFit Kids program for as long as we’ve been in operation. It’s not only the most popular class we offer but it’s the most rewarding for our coaches. It’s great to watch a child overcome a fear or reach a new level of achievement.

Now that I’ve worked with adults for several years I can really appreciate how great it is to work with children. If children are taught fundamental skills at a young age it is much easier for them to master them and use them later in life. They aren’t afraid of things the same way adults are, rarely overthink technique, and are unbelievably flexible — both physically and mentally.

Is CrossFit Kids perfect for any age? What if I have an older child? ANSWER THIS QUESTION
We currently have an amazing group of children in our CrossFit Kids program who have been with the program for several years. Their ages range from six all the way up to eighteen years old. This program is great for any age because it can be adapted to fit their level of skill and energy. Younger children stick to body weight movements or light weight dumbbells, while the older ones get to use kettlebells, barbells (possibly with bumper plates) and heavier dumbbells. Many children start out in the program easily becoming exhausted by a simple wallball and burpee workout, but now they push through workouts, laughing and having a great time. Watching this progress has been amazing and now they show up to class excited to workout everyday.

Abby Backsquat

CrossFit Kids back squatting 88lbs

Along with the CrossFit Kids class we have an Olympic Weightlifting program that is perfect for older children (or the ones with a lot of extra energy!). This program incorporates the traditional Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean & jerk) plus strength building exercises like front squats, back squats and deadlifts. The children become stronger while learning good technique that will help make sure they do not injure themselves when they step into a High School weight room. The Olympic Lifts are by nature very explosive, this means children learn how to harness power and speed, which becomes extremely useful in any sport they choose to play in the future. Whether it means being able to kick the soccer ball with more power, sprinting faster or exploding out of the starting blocks at a swim meet explosiveness and power are involved in most sports. I have watched many children improve leaps and bounds, once barely being able to squat a 15lb bar to now squatting close to their body weight. They have learned great technique in each lift, all the while having fun and creating a strong base for any sports they chose to play in the future.

What are the advantages of CrossFit Kids?
One of the biggest advantages I have seen children gain from our CrossFit Kids program is confidence. Often children begin the class timid and unsure of participating,  but within a few weeks they are the first to volunteer to demonstrate a movement.  The children in our program know they are in a safe environment; they are not afraid of failure and they know it is a place full of people who will encourage them through every high and low.

crossfit kids ring dips 2

All smiles while working on skills

Along with the physical skills CrossFit Kids also teaches valuable life lessons. How to fail then get back up and try again, how to share, how to encourage others and self confidence are just a few. Our children’s programs help to shape lives and create a place where children can learn about a healthy lifestyle.

I only wish I would have had the chance to be in a CrossFit Kids program just like ours when I was a child. I know I would have loved it and learned valuable life lessons. The number one reason I LOVE CrossFit Kids is because as a coach I get to have fun along with with children. We play games and spend a lot of time laughing. What could be more fun than that?

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