Are You Experiencing Exercise Burnout?

Black and WhiteTires RCC

Spice up your workout with some tire flips!

Ever feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere with your exercise routine? Or like you just can’t seem to get excited about going to the gym like you used to?

The good news is we’ve all been there AND we can all get over that hump.

Here are a few tips (Laura tested and approved!) to help you get over that training slump.

First, you have to figure out what’s making you feel burned out.
I find a burnout is usually caused by one of three factors. For starters, it could be mental burnout. Secondly, your body could be telling you something in the form of a physical burnout. Lastly — and most commonly —  your workout routine may have become too ordinary and needs some spicing up!

Second, you need to be proactive and fix the burnout.
Mental burnout can happen when you’re workouts haven’t been going well. Have you noticed an inconsistency with your performance? Maybe you aren’t hitting those sets or reps like you used?  It can be hard to stay motivated to keep pushing yourself if you aren’t feeling good about yourself after your workouts. That’s why it’s important to remember: Rest days are just important as your work days. It’s totally okay to treat your body with care and take a few days to reset your battery!

On the flip side, you might be unmotivated to perform because you aren’t rewarding yourself with exercises you enjoy. For example, I am good at kettlebell swings and deadlift, but a barbell squat snatch set can be a downer. The silver lining to each of those “bad sets” is an extra lift that I do enjoy.  This will ensure I have a good experience for the week and can keep myself motivated to showing up and showing out to the gym.

Physical burnout can happen at anytime. Maybe you’ve been pushing really hard lately to make sure you have the perfect spring break body, maybe you’re getting over a cold and your muscles just aren’t recovering like they normally do or maybe you just need a break. I’ve definitely been here before and I find the best way to fix it is to just take a break. If you push too hard for too long you risk injury and that will set you back even farther than just taking a break would. It’s not worth it so take a day or two as rest days and come back ready to train fresh next time.

Black and White Mom Pushup

Push-ups are a great simple body weight exercise!

The easiest problem to fix is an ordinary routine.  Rather than run a few miles before your strength exercises, reverse it and start lifting before your cardio. Likewise, that boring cardio on the treadmill can be easily replaced with a kettelbell or swim workout.

To put it simply: Keep your workouts varied. Not only will it help you from burning out, it’ll also help your body maintain its peak level of fitness. Have you ever seen someone walking around the gym who is ridiculously bulked in their upper body but have the skinniest legs? I promise you they are not varying their training one bit and really aren’t well rounded in their level of fitness.

Remember, health and fitness isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle! A routine is great, but a little variation never hurt nobody! 😉  Even professional athletes train heavy in their chosen sport and mix it up with a combination of different conditioning workouts throughout the week.

Still not convinced? Check out this article about switching up your workout routine for a second opinion on the subject.

I want to know how you avoid burnout, so follow me on Twitter or Instagram and let me know!


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