4 Reasons Why I Chose Group Fitness Over the Conventional Gym

Virginia Lifting B&W

My sister Virginia working through the Grace WOD — 30 clean and jerks for time.

With so many different fitness trends having popped up in the last few years, it’s truly a great time to be an athlete! CrossFit, a rediscovery of yoga, group rowing classes, and many others, have opened up new ways to get fit. While I have not had to the chance to try every trend (i.e., yoga, group rowing classes, and spin classes), I am an avid CrossFitter who has dabbled in the conventional gym world of treadmill cardio with dumbbell strength workouts on occasion.

To put it simply, I am that Crossfitter you read about on BuzzFeed — and I’m proud of that!

Here are four reasons why I am an advocate for the group fitness programs…

1. The group atmosphere helps to push me harder and to do better at every workout. There is a sense of accountability that comes from doing the same workouts that the other people in your class are doing. You get to know each person on a personal level and form a bond through the sweat and struggle that you put into every workout. Until you’ve tried it you may not understand but I can assure you that you will notice the difference.

Laura Lifting

Me lifting at one of my favorite charity competitions called Barbells for Boobs, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness.

2. You get to celebrate your accomplishments with others who really care. There is no feeling in the world like squatting a weight that has been alluding you for months or being able to perform a movement that you have been attempting for a long time with friends and family cheering you on. Having people to share this moment with and who can relate to your excitement is something that is very hard to find a conventional gym where everyone else wear headphones and stick mainly to themselves.

3. Coaches are there to offer guidance, instruction, and motivation to each and every workout.  How many times have you seen someone in the gym with incorrect form? They walk away stiff and achy, not sore and strong! Poor technique with little to no guidance can have devastating effects on any athlete, regardless of ability. Group classes like CrossFit and yoga eliminate that risk with a coach nearby to help make sure you perform each skill correctly.

Mom and Laura Lifting

Just another day cheering on my mom as she works her way through the Grace WOD too.

4. The workouts are already programed for you and you won’t have to think about what you want to do for the day before going to the gym.  Even better, the responsibility of creating a steady progression in your works and setting up a plan to meet new goals is already taken care of. All you have to do is show up and be present mentally to complete the workouts to the best of your ability.

You can see how CrossFit has changed my life — and how it can change yours — on my Twitter or Instagram.


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