Now That The CrossFit Open is Over….What’s Next?

Laura 15 3 MU

Open Workout 15.3 Muscle-up

The five weeks that make up the CrossFit Open can be a mental and physically grueling process to get through. Each workout is a surprise and this year there were more surprises than usual. Adding the scaled division to the Open made it possible to have more difficult RX workouts. The additions of handstand pushups, a heavy clean and seeing muslce-ups in the beginning of a workout not only forced many people to go scaled but made the RX workouts harder to survive with a smile on your face.

My performance over the past five weeks has had its ups and downs my best workout actually being Open Workout 15.3 — the 14 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 7 muslce-ups, 50 wallballs, and 100 double unders. Who knew the more gymnastic and technical workouts would be my better ones? Goes to show being small sometimes has its advantages in this sport.

Even though this open season was draining mentally and physically, I’m happy it’s over and can now I can refocus my attention on Kettlebell Sport.

Laura 15.2 pullups

Chest to bar pull-ups from Open Workout 15.2

Before I give an update, let me first say I have by no means gone full “CrossFit Junkie” on you. I’ve actually  been continuing my regular kettlebell sport training on top of the Crossfit Open workouts! (I have an awesome coach who was kind enough to drop my workouts down from three times a week to two so that I would fit the Open workout in on Friday evenings with the team.) It’s time to switch gears and get serious again about my kettlebells again.

So what’s next?
As I look toward my next competition  with the New York Open Kettlebell Championship on May 2nd in New York City I will be paying very close attention to technique and fixation.

After the kettlebell sport competition in May (and graduating and finding a job), I will continue training for the USA Nationals in August. It is at this competition that I will compete in 16kg snatch only and attempt to make the USA National Team. Making the team is not easy and I will have to have my mental state in the right place as well as my physical condition. The next few months will involve getting back in the right mental place for Kettlebell Sport and working on getting my endurance up as much as possible. I know the road is still long and there is a lot of work left to do, but I am excited to continue my journey and see where it takes me!

Just like you, I need some help getting to where I want to next. Want to help cheer me on? Follow me on Twitter or Instagram!


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