Recap: New York Open Kettlebell Sport Championship 2015

Let’s say this first: This competition did not go the way I had planned…but then again nothing ever does.

Here’s what I can take away from it, though: It taught me the true depth of my dedication and determination to a sport that two years ago was completely unknown to me. In many ways the way I handled the events that unfolded really surprised me, and I did things I never thought I would have been capable of doing.

Laura relaxed left arm snatch fixation

16kg snatch result 75 reps

Here’s how it was supposed to go: I was excited to come and compete in New York City at Vadim Noskov’s gym Long Island City CrossFit. Not only do I LOVE his gym but there are so many people I adore in the New York and New Jersey areas. The timing was perfect I would be finished with my thesis work two weeks prior to this competition and therefore stress free!

Here’s what really happened: Little did I know life was about to throw a curve ball in my direction. Two days before competition I came down with a nasty fever and other flu-type symptoms. All I could think was ,”OH NO! What am I going to do?” The hotel and airplane flight were already booked and I wasn’t about to give up on something I had been training for since early January.

Now, when I get sick — I get very, very sick. Luckily, I’m a pro at visiting the doctor. I was lucky enough to get in early Thursday morning and the kind doctor put me on a double strength antibiotic right away. Phase Two of Operation Wellness was getting as much rest as possible before making the two hour drive home and then the multiple hour plane ride. As sick as I was feeling going anywhere out of my house seemed impossible.

Laura jerk fixation

16kg jerk result 85 reps

Flash forward to competition day Saturday morning. I no longer had a fever — but I was for sure feeling weak and still coughing my lungs out. I had been training for this for so long and I knew I could at least make it through two ten-minute sets.

There is a silver lining to just about everything. In a way being so ill was a blessing because it helped me to really zone out during my sets and stay more relaxed than I usually can. If you don’t know much about kettlebell sport staying as relaxed as possible the entire ten minute set is super important! No one can sprint all out for that long and in order to last you must keep your body and mind relaxed. I received 85 reps in jerk and 75 reps in snatch for a total of 160. Not at all what I had hoped for but I was just thankful to survive.

laura snatch backswing

backswing during snatch set

From the moment I got ill I had always planned on competing, dropping out of competition was never an option that crossed my mind. The NY Open was good practice for where I want to be able to take myself with this sport someday. I hope to travel internationally to compete and to coach and to spread my love for this sport to the youth of America.

 Knowing my track record and the uncertainties you can face with travel,  learning to roll with any unexpected punches thrown my way are necessary for my future success.Want to continue with me on my journey? Follow me on Instagram or Twitter!


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