Kettlebell Hot Spot: Training with Champions to be a Champion

Ksenia, rudnev, laura

Two coaches really are better than one!

They say go big or go home, right?

On August 1st I will compete against other women in the combined 53kg and 58kg weight class for my chance to be a member of the USA National Kettlebell Sport Team.

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to compete and train with two world renown Kettlebell Sport Champions at the Kettlebell Hot Spot Athletic Training Center in Michigan.

Sergey Rudnev and Ksenia Dedukhina are two of the most successful coaches and athletes this sport has ever seen — I have known and loved Coach Rudnev for years but this was the first time I had ever met Ksenia.

Laura & Rudnev 16kg

If Coach Rudnev can’t fix my lockout no one can!

If I make the team I know it will be because of the people who have helped me along the way. Ksenia and Coach Rudnev are two of these people, and I only hope my performance at Nationals will make them proud.

Here’s why I have a love affair with Ksenia:

  • Ksenia holds crazy records in Kettlebell snatch (back in 2014 snatching the 24kg (53lb) kettlebell she got 202 reps in ten minutes!). Just to give you non kettlebell sport athletes an idea of how insane that is I can probably snatch the 24kg for about 10 reps each side before I have to put it down on the floor.
  • She weighs in the 63kg (138lb) weight class which means she’s not a big girl. If I met her on out on the street I never would have been able to guess she was capable of such an amazing athletic feat.
  • I often get discouraged while training and competing in this sport because it always seems as if there are no people in their early 20s (like me!) doing it. Ksenia is only two years older than me, which allowed me to really connect with her.
  • It was truly inspiring to watch a young, beautiful, humble woman snatch such a heavy kettlebell with grace and poise. In many ways she makes kettlebell snatch look like an intricate ballet dance. (Interested in watching her 202 rep snatch video? Just click here!)
Laura Rudnev Juggling

Sometimes its just fun to play in the gym!

Here’s why I love Coach Rudney:

  • He has known me from the very beginning of my Kettlebell Sport journey. When I think back on it, he was the first person to really inspire me to get involved and compete in the sport.
  • He has been very patient with me over the years (I was REALLY bad at this sport in the beginning) and continues to motivate me to get better.
  • He really knows what he’s doing, too. Coach Rudnev is a five-time GS World Champion, President of IKSFA and coaches a large number of athletes worldwide. The best part? He is an extremely humble person and instantly makes anyone feel comfortable, so it’s easy to focus and learn from him.
  • I owe a lot to Coach Rudnev for helping me fix many technique issues I have struggled with in snatch and for continuing to push me to be better. When someone with such an impressive record has faith that I can reach my dreams of making the USA National Kettlebell Sport team it helps me to believe I can do it as well.

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