IWF 2015 Masters World Cup: Where Age Is Just a Number

mom snatch onaga

Elizabeth Brown 50kg Snatch Onaga Weightlifting Meet 2014

For years my mom has been my coach, but this year the tables turned and the student became the teacher.

I recently had the opportunity to coach my mother, Elizabeth, at the IWF 2015 Masters World Cup in Dallas TX.

Let’s get this out there now: My mother is a badass.
I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom either. I’ve been watching my mother lift for years. To be honest,  I’m so used to her putting up big numbers that it’s become somewhat “normal” to me. I gained a new appreciation for her ability after watching women in the 45-49 age group struggle to lift what she was opening at in her 50-54 age division. The fact that she’s capable of beating women nine years younger than her made me sit up and pay attention.

Laura and Cindy

Cindy Briggs and I….Shes a Masters Weightlifter and 3 time CrossFit Games Masters Athlete…oh and an Alpha Xi Delta!

It’s not just my mom who is a beast
I was able to watch veteran lifters like 62-year-old Gene Gilsdorf, 68-year-old and three-time Olympic competitor Fred Lowe and 56-year-old Mark Solomon kill it on the platform too. Gene Gilsdorf lifts 75kg in a clean and jerk at 62 years old! These men have been lifting for a very long time and are still doing it. They are proof age is just a number!

Laura and Buffalo Barbell

Mark Solomon and I! He’s pretty cool!

I didn’t just watch though. I listened, too.
Besides their ability to lift some impressive weight, the masters weightlifters are amazing coaches with years of experience and stories.  I was heard tried and true weight cutting tricks, stories about weightlifting from the earlier days and overall coaching advice. The best part? I learned it from the guys who really get it.

Here’s the point: Young athletes can learn a lot from the sports veterans. Not only have I gained a greater appreciation for my own mother and what she can do with a barbell, but I also have a new appreciation of masters weightlifting from the people who have really seen it all.

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