My Secret to Success: 20 kg in a Year

Laura snatch from front view

Snatch is my favorite Olympic Weightlifting event

The similarities between Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell Sport have always amazed and surprised me.  I have been Olympic Weightlifting for over four years and training Kettlebell Sport for a year and a half. Until this past year I had struggled to advance the weights of my Olympic lifts even by a small amount. Then something amazing happened: In the past year I have been able to increase my Olympic Weightlifting total from 94kg to 114kg.


Laura Third Pull

Letting that bar fly!

You know what the crazy part is?
Nothing has changed in my training regimen except the intensity and weights of the kettlebell training. I slowly advanced my training with the 8kg, 12kg and 16kg to the 20kg, 22kg and sometimes the 24kg kettlebells.

Here’s the not-so-secret secret:
Kettlebell Sport has increased my shoulder stability, core strength, grip strength and overall body flexibility. These improvements have transferred over into my Olympic Weightlifting and allowed me to reach body weight snatch in only a years time. I went from struggling to snatch 42kg to easily landing 52kg. The same goes for my clean and jerks, where I once could barely manage 52kg I now can land 62kg!

Seeing a 20kg increase in a year is truly amazing, especially considering that I have been training Olympic Weightlifting for over four years without much improvement.

Laura Jerk

Clean and Jerks can be fun too.

So what’s my super scientific explanation for everything?
Kettlebell Sport and Olympic Weightlifting are extremely compatible sports. It’s called cross training — and it totally works! Building strength and harnessing power through Olympic Weightlifting has allowed me to improve my numbers in Kettlebell Sport, and the flexibility, shoulder stability and core strength from Kettlebell Sport has transferred to my success in Olympic Weightlifting.

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