Taking a Break (From The Gym) to Smell the Flowers

laura cheesey smile

It really is a sea of sunflowers!

Kansas is literally the heartland of America.

A fun fact about the state: Its state flower is the sunflower. One of the state’s best kept secrets is a owned and operated by Ted Grinter, a farmer who plants a huge field of sunflowers each year.

The awesome part is that during the two short weeks the sunflowers bloom each year he lets the public come, view, pick and pose with the sunflowers. I was fortunate enough to be able to go this year with a close friend.

Ted Grinter’s Sunflower Field really is a special place. We went close to sundown and there was a big old Midwestern thunderstorm rolling in. It was amazing! Once we walked out into the middle of the field it felt like I was in a sea of sunflowers. It looked like they went on forever in all directions and would never end. I saw children running around having the time of their lives, grandparents enjoying a kiss, high school seniors getting their senior photos taken, and so much more. This field brought so many different types of people together and gave me an amazing Kansas experience that I will always remember.

Here are some of my favorite snaps from the afternoon (because life isn’t just always about hanging out with some kettlebells, am I right?):

Laura hands up

laura Smiling

Laura posing

Laura behind sunflower

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