The Year in Review: Lifter Laura’s One Year Birthday!!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I first launched the Lifter Laura blog and social media campaign. Looking back on the past year has made me realize just how much has really happened! It’s been a year full of highs and lows (mainly highs) and you guys have been a MAJOR part of it all.

Here’s a quick recap of some of my favorite moments: 

5. Graduating Kansas State University!  It took five, very stressful, very long years, but I did it. I finally graduated not only with my Bachelor degree but my Master’s of Architecture all in one go.


I did it!

4. Training with Sergey Rudnev and Ksenia Dedukhina! Being able to train with two of my Kettlebell Sport idols at the same time was almost more than I could handle!! I learned so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Ksenia, rudnev, laura

I was pretty much starstruck!

3. Dropping the kettlebell at USA Nationals…Even though it was a low moment it was an important one. It showed me that no matter how hard I train or how badly I want it anything can happen in competition (and I sure do mean anything).

Laura 16kg Snatch

Looking back I am still in shock at what happened

2. Adding 20kg to my Olympic Weightlifting total. Going from a 94kg total to a 114kg total in one year is a personal best. This is something I’ve been working on for a very long time and it still amazes me that I was able to accomplish it.

52kg snatch

Oh yeah! A 52kg snatch!

1. Making TEAM USA!!!! Becoming a member of the National Kettlebell Sport team and having the opportunity to travel to Ireland and compete on a world stage is by far the highlight of this year!

Laura outside flag no logo

Go Team USA!!

Those were five things that happened to me this past year, BUT that doens’t mean that’s all the happened. If you want to know more check out the other posts on this blog or you can visit my Twitter or Instagram!


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