IUKL Kettlebell World Championships: Ireland Edition 2015


Photo Credit: Steve Burroughs

I was recently given the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to travel to Dublin, Ireland to compete on Team USA at the IUKL Kettlebell World Championships. Realizing a goal that I’ve worked so hard for was an amazing feeling!

The highlights from the trip included: good food, a snatch PR, reuniting with Team Australia and meeting tons of new kettle friends.

I weighed in at a whooping 51.5kg Wednesday night and then competed in 16kg snatch early the next morning. I had the best snatch set of my life with a result of 98 reps. I REALLY wanted 100 reps but I know I couldn’t have done any better. Those 98 reps were good enough for 12th place out of 19 amateur competitors in the 58kg weight class. To top it all off my performance earned 1 point for Team USA. Needless to say I was very pleased.


Coach Jess and I

Being at Worlds and having the chance to meet new people, and catch up with old friends may have been the best part about the trip. I’ve missed my old training partners (most of the members of Team Australia) and I have missed my coach, Jessica Pumpa so much. I was also able to link up with fellow social media kettlebell friends like Jane Foss and Karl Johannessen. Knowing that I am a part of a kettlebell community that is connected throughout the world helps keep me motivated to keep training and pushing myself to get better.


Photo Credit: Steve Burroughs

My first IUKL World Championship experience was a success! I learned a lot about myself and about the sport. I would like to thank all the people who helped support me financially and mentally and made it possible for me to represent Team USA in Ireland.

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