The Arnold Classic 2016

The Arnold Classic is one of those athletic events known around the world. People you never expect will know what you’re talking about when you say “I’m going to be competing at the Arnold”. The funny thing is I’m not used to people having any idea about what I’m doing. Most people know the Arnold as a huge body building competition and it is buuut it is also so much more. The three day fitness expo features 18,000 athletes and 70 different sports and events. Needless to say this is quite the event and I had wanted to attend for several years.

Laura 16kg OAJ

Laura 16kg Jerks

After moving to Cleveland, Ohio and being sick on and off since Christmas I wasn’t feeling too confident about competing at the Arnold. I focused on staying relaxed and having fun. Competing in my favorite event, 16kg biathlon, I was pretty comfortable knowing I’d get whatever I’d get. To my surprise I hit PR’s in both time and reps for the snatch set. I was able to last for 8 out of the 10 min set and 103 reps! I went the full 10min jerk set and got 113reps.

Laura 16kg sn

16kg Snatch

Our Kansas kettlebell team, The Cyclones, had a great showing as well! My mom competed in her usual 20kg longcycle and went the full 10 min with a PR of 80reps!! Kyle Naevestad took a break from biathlon to set a PR and AKA record in 16kg snatch with 208reps. It’s always rewarding for me to compete and do well on the platform but it’s 100% more rewarding to support my athletes and see them reach their goals! It’s always interesting coaching and programming for my mother but seeing her succeed makes it all worth it!

Kyle 16kg sn

Kyle nearing the end of his 10 min snatch set!

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