Taking on My Own Rio: Prepping For Nationals 2016

Laura right fixation

Training 5-6 times a week keeps me on my toes!

In just a few days I’ll be competing in my own Olympics of sorts. It’s not in Rio and it won’t involve thousands of spectators, but, just like the Olympic athletes, I have been training for — and working toward — this event nonstop. This weekend,  I will take the platform to compete in my third USA Nationals Competition. With so much time and energy going into my nationals prep I wanted to give you all some insight into what that looks like.

Over the past year the theme of my life has been change. So, so, so much change. Where do I begin?  I moved from Kansas to Ohio. I moved out of my parents house to live alone.I graduated college with my long awaited Masters of Architecture degree.I got my first big kid job. I went from training in a gym with people I knew and loved to training on my own in my garage — beside my cat. I changed coaches. I changed lives. I grew up.

Even with all this change one thing has remained constant and that’s my personal drive to continue to train hard and get better. I supposed it would have been easy to make excuses about all the change in my life and take a break from training or to train with less intensity but that has never been my personality. The thing is I love this sport, it gives me a lot of purpose in life. It keeps me grounded even when everything else around me is different.

Laura right insertion

Pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy when I train outside

Over the past year I have trained for and competed in several different competitions, but all along the main, underlying goal has been nationals. Each competition is only a stepping stone to that.

So here’s what’s going to happen this weekend:

  • I will compete in the 16kg snatch event at this years USA Nationals.
    I have spent the bulk of my training hours this year working on 16kg biathlon. Even though the goal was always to compete in 16kg snatch I prefer to train biathlon in order to keep my snatch and one arm jerk lifts strong. I have found the most success in being a well rounded athlete and not becoming too overly specialized. Along with four days a week of Kettlebell Sport programming I train Olympic Weightlifting as well as a few high intensity CrossFit workouts.
  • I will not dwell on last year.
     I am not trying to make Team USA and go compete at IUKL Worlds. Some of you may remember how my last nationals performance ended and I am looking forward to finally banishing those memories.
  • I’m going to bring my A-game when I step onto that platform.
    I will prove to myself and to my coach that the training regimen he has given me has been worth it, and that I have, in fact, improved from this time last year.
Laura left fixation

Staying calm and collected is all part of the mental training process

 I take great pride in being able to compete at a national level in this sport, and I will always look forward to this yearly event. I believe it is important to make a showing at nationals even during the years that I am not aspiring to make Team USA.

Wanna cheer me on?  You can! I’m competing Saturday, August 6th. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for the live feed link and a behind-the-scenes look!




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