My Reflection on the CrossFit Open 2017

Every year during the months of February and March open season rolls around. Although I try not to take the workouts too seriously (Kettlebell Sport is my main focus and always my number one priority after all), but I like to participate in the community whenever I can because my journey into fitness and ultimately with Kettlebell Sport really all began with Crossfit.

Laura Deadlift

55 reps of 155lb deadlift for 17.4

This year’s Open was full of plenty of firsts. With the exception of 2016 when I was working in my garage gym, I’ve been competing in the Open each year since 2013. Each year I’ve been met with a new and different challenge. By far this was the most difficult CrossFit Open for me. Each workout felt heavier and more exhausting than the last, and I think it had a lot to do with my

This was also the first year I was lucky enough to partake in the open at my new gym home Coca CrossFit. It was a fun and humbling experience. Watching my fellow members exceed their own expectations each week was rather magical.

Laura 95lb snatch

95lb snatch for 17.3

This is the first year I continued to train sport four days a week while competing in the open. A typical week for me in the gym during open season looked like this:

Monday – 5-6 sets of sport I’m training double biathlon so that means two arm jerk and snatch. If i have any energy left I will do some squatting or oly lifting as well.

Tuesday- Coach kettlebell conditioning.

Wednesday- 4-5 sets of sport. Usually heavier and longer than Monday’s sets. If I have any energy left I will squat or oly lift.

Thursday- Typically a rest day for me but with the CrossFit Open I have to move my Friday sets to Thursday. This is always either two arm jerk sprint intervals or two longer two arm jerk sets. The open workout for the week is announced at 8pm EST.

Friday- During the CrossFit Open this is our D-day. Around 6:30pm EST. I will complete the open workout for the week. But before this can happen I have to get my Saturday snatch set in..usually something long and the weights can vary from heavy to light depending on where I am in a training cycle.

Saturday- Rest and recovery from the open workout the night before. I’m probably burried in lactic acid at this point and can barely do more than stretch and maybe light cardio work.

Sounds easy enough right? I certainly thought it wouldn’t be too terrible to shuffle my training days around. However going into every open workout less than fresh made a huge impact on my performance. If there were movements requiring grip strength I was screwed as I’ve usually just completed somewhere between 120-180 reps of snatch about an hour before the workout. Not to mention my body is tired from squeezing three sport workouts in three days in a row.

Ginia and Laura wall ball

55 14lb wall ball shots for 17.4

Now by no means am I complaining. Sport is my priority I always make time for it and I always take my training seriously. I know that if I don’t continuously put in the work I will not see improvement on game day. But it has been an eye opening experience for me. I love joining in with the gym community to partake in the open but it has made my training lifestyle a little strained. I also found some huge weaknesses in my training through these past few weeks. CrossFit movements I used to crush have now become challenging. A lot of the priorities in my training have shifted in the last few years and that is OK. For me, the open represents a community, a chance to go back to my roots and a great way to keep my ego and strengths/weaknesses in check.

Moving forward from CrossFit Open season 2017 I have identified some things I need to work on but I’ve also proven to myself that I can and do still enjoy this stuff. For as long as I am part of this community I will always take part in the open season.

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