About Me

At A Glance:one arm handstand
On paper I am:
58 kg weight class
USAW Sports Performance Coach
IKSFA Level 1+2 Coach
CrossFit Advanced Kettlebell Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Kids Coach

To you I am:
A lifter
A coach
A friend
A kettlebell enthusiast
Six years ago when I started CrossFit, I never would have thought I would be where I am
today. At the time it was really the only way I could get some quality mother-daughter time in, as my mom was an avid Olympic Weighlifter and CrossFit Athlete.
Now, after countless competitions all around the world and after earning a spot not once but twice on Team USA for Kettlebell Sport I am continuing to push towards new goals. I hope to medal at worlds one day and I am always pushing to compete at higher and higher levels within the sport. Along the way, my goal is to help you love Kettlebell Sport, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit as much as I do.

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